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Hazardous Area Inspection, Installation and Maintenance

Our and experienced CompEx certified engineers, technicians and electricians have specialist Hazardous area knowledge in the Inspection, Installation and Maintenance of electrical equipment in explosive atmospheres.


Our Electrical and Instrumentation personnel have been competency assessed and certified through the CompEx scheme to demonstrate safe working practices when specifying, installing, and maintaining ATEX equipment in compliance with the British standard for Explosive atmospheres BS EN 60079.

Our Hazardous Area Services include:

Installation, Inspection and Testing including Maintenance of Electrical Installations in hazardous areas which contain;

  • Explosive Gases and Vapours
  • Combustible Dusts
CompEx Supporter

Using our extensive industry experience and training we offer our clients managed inspection programs which ensure Ex equipment and systems, are correctly specified, installed and maintained to comply with BS EN 60079.